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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Day of Disappointment

What a bummer. I was just about ready to wrap this whole thing up when all of a sudden the LCD display stopped working. It wouldn't even POST, as soon as I hooked up the power it just showed some garbage on the screen. My first assumption was that I need a new display - no big deal, the eBay seller has lots more of them and he was a pleasure to deal with. So I dropped another $15 bucks on a new display. Then I tried to investigate the problem a little bit more and found that the parallel port on my motherboard seems to have crapped out. The values that I write to the SELECT_IN, INIT, AUTO_FD, and STROBE are all reset after about 125Ms, whereas before they would persist until I changed them. This definitely isn't good. They also all reset themselves to low (which in the case of select, auto feed, and strobe is actually +5v), which is kind of weird.

Anyways, Logic Supply has been great to me so far, so I'm hoping that they'll process this as a warranty claim without any hiccups.


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