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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Installing DSL

At this point, Fulcrum is running a LiveCD version of Damn Small Linux 2.0. Creating an actual hard disk installation is pretty easy. When DSL boots to the desktop, right-click on any blank space and select Apps>Tools>Install to Hard Drive. Specify the target partition, in this case, hda3.

It asks a few other questions that are irrelevant for our purposes. I disabled multi-user logins and enabled the ext3 filesystem. I said no when it offered to configure GRUB, just because I'm not sure how nicely it will play with the boot loader we already configured. So after the install, I went into the menu.lst file I'd already set up and added a new entry:

title Damn Small Linux 2.0
root (hd0,2)
kernel /boot/linux24 root=/dev/hda3 quiet vga=794 noacpi noapm nodma noscsi frugal

The entire menu.lst file is available here. It contains two entries, one for the LiveCD and one for the proper install.


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